Western Sculptures by Fritz White
'Tween a Rock and
a Hard Place

8" high x 8" x 4"
Edition: 25

It may appear strange that, as a reputed Western artist, I have done only one rodeo piece. I did it just for the helluvit! And it was fun doing it. The idea came from one of my drinking buddies, Bill Tomlinson, who used to be a bull rider. Bill goes damn near into hysterics and the four-letter words fly when he describes how, when his rump hit the ground, "that big pile of beef was still up there spying out a soft spot to nest."

The more I thought about it, the more sculptural it became. This huge mass is totally in the air, while the man, with that pained expression, waits for him to come down. As Bill says when he stops laughing, "ain't funny" --but it sure makes up into a good composition.

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