Western Sculptures by Fritz White
The Winners

11.5" high x 16" x 7.5"

A substantial part of my creativity comes from remembering loose ends, against the day I can wind them into a composition. The Winners was created out of just such loose ends. The fantasy came from the early scenes in the film Duel In The Sun, a noisy, smoke-filled cantina in Mexico. Some really good photos provided the costumes of the cane knife-wielding Indians of Southern Mexico. All it needed was a fighting cock bred by one of my neighbors in Texas to produce The Winners.

Since the rooster is alive, it appears our subject has won. But the squinted scowl and the machete in hand suggests the fight is about to continue. I wanted to show aggressiveness and I also wanted the eyes of the man to be leveled just above the rooster's head. The egg composition has always appealed to me, especially when I can relieve it dramatically with something as violent as the fighting cock.

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