Western Sculptures by Fritz White
The Last Lucifer

12" high x 13" x 8"

Around the turn of the century, the kitchen match was called, by some, a Lucifer. It is the Lucifer that provides the cohesive element in this composition.

As most people do, I see a beautiful horse as beauty in its own class. The work horse must be represented as such. He should be shown as he was, often ungainly, disproportioned and certainly not sculptural. He was the Volkswagen of the plains.

What I've done with this composition is use the incident of cigar lighting, under stormy conditions, to produce a mass of good sculptural proportion. Together with the hats, the blowing slickers and waving buffalo grass, a feeling of urgency is produced as a byproduct of the composition. The cigar lighting is the best way to bring all of these elements together so tightly. The use of a Lucifer made it natural.

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