Western Sculptures by Fritz White
Mad Woman of the Musselshell

21" high x 10.5" x 9.5"

The Madwoman of the Musselshell shows up in history in a few different legends. It is generally accepted that she was the wife of a settler, had a son and two daughters. For some reason, the family was separated from a wagon train and lost. The woman's mind snapped the day her family was wiped out by a small Crow party. She drove off the Crows with her axe and accounted for four of them before they abandoned the fight. She was found by Liver Eatin Johnson, and he stayed on the scene long enough to build a cabin and bury the dead. She remained there until her death quite a few years later.

The Indians were very wary of her and, as legend goes, would come to watch her crazy antics, never coming closer than the distance of a musket shot. Trappers from the Montana country would travel days out of their way to bring her game and hides, and to make sure she was alive. A couple of books and the movie Jeremiah Johnson were developed in part around her and Johnson.

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