Western Sculptures by Fritz White
And Finally Crockett Fell

26" high x 16" x 13"
Edition: 24

Researching "And Finally Crockett Fell," I found the literature on the Alamo and Davy Crockett to be almost endless. But, the research on the Mexicans came hard. Most of the troops wore parts of uniforms along with peasant dress. Generally, a blouse or shirt was issued by regional militia. Officers and permanent army were fully uniformed.

I composed the piece the same way I would have if had been fifteen feet high. I wanted Crockett victorious even though the final outcome is defeat. I see Crockett in buckskins the way he'd have been had he lived with Boon and Kenton in the original west. Crockett was a product of the old Kaintuck and the spirit that he carried was the same grit that produced the Mountain Men and Cowboys that followed. Regardless of lack of testimony, I've always felt that Crockett was one of the last to go down in that battle of martyrs.

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