Member of the
Cowboy Artists of America

A Founder of Loveland's
Sculpture in the Park Show

List of Awards

List of Publications

List of Selected Articles and Books by and about Fritz White

"Sculpture Shapes Fritz White's Life" by Louisa Barry Collett, Gilcrease Magazine (1987)

"Fritz White, More Than Meets The Eye" by Miriam Ross Wolf, Southwest Art (May 1982)

"Mission: Impossible" by Jackson and Perlman, Arizona Arts and Travel (Sept-Oct 1983)

"Fritz White" by Don Dedera, Visions West (1983)

"Creativity" by Susan Hallsten McGarry, Southwest Art (May 1987)

"Roundtable Discussion" by Allan J. Duerr, Art of the West (Jan-Feb 1991)

"Glorifying the Human Figure" by Nancy Gillespie, Art of the West (Nov/Dec 1992)

"From Glitter to Substance - The Artists' Journey" by Fritz White, InformArt (July/Aug 1993)

"Making Sculpture Come Alive" by Jim Eaton, American Artist (April 1995)

"Yin and Yang" by Todd Wilkinson, Sculpture Forum (Spring 1998)

"When Things Fall Apart" by Peggy Kinstler, Inform Art (Summer 1998)

sketch of Fritz White, by Loren Entz
Fritz White

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