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Sculpture in the Park Show

In addition to his own work, Fritz White was able to help others share their creations with the city and world, too, when White helped found the Sculpture in the Park show.

The idea started over drinks with Dan Ostermiller, George Lundeen, George Walbye, Hollis Williford and himself--local sculptors with grand plans for the Loveland arts community. Now, the event that started in 1984 with a handful of artists has grown into one of the largest sculpture shows in the world.

"He really had a passion for his work and arts in Loveland," said Susan Ison, Loveland cultural services director, who has known and worked with White for decades. "He was always trying to think of ways to promote Loveland. It's had a huge impact on our city."

The town he helped transform into an art capital of the world will not soon forget the artist's legacy. "He's been there from day one," said George Walbye, who helped found the sculpture show along with White. "He was a very, very art-oriented man who did some great things for this town and community and individuals interested in art."

Fritz White

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