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Fritz White, a member of the Cowboy Artists of America
1972 to 2010

As a young boy, Fritz White thought he might be an Indian. He wore a breechclout, had a canoe but was too small to carry it to the river, constantly drew on everything he could put his hands on, and had a passion for everything Indian. After serving in the Marine Corps, he attended Central Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnati. Sculpture burst into his life when he saw white marble for the first time. Fritz hadn't heard of Western art until 1956, but soon made his first piece, and Western art has never been the same. White's unique style, experimentation, new techniques and push-the-limits creativity fit his passion to sculpt Indian religion and mysticism perfectly. He was a fierce defender of great art, and even a stronger critic, but his seminars and workshops were always filled to capacity with students who ultimately discovered his advice was right on. A member of the Cowboy Artists of America since 1972, he served as President in 1997.

He won three Silver and eight Gold medals in Sculpture, one Silver medal in Water Solubles, the CAA Award in 1985, and Best of Show three times. He was proud of Loveland's Sculpture in the Park, which he helped establish in 1984, and wanted to be remembered for the truthful, forthright way in which he presented his sculptures. We who knew and loved him will surely do so.

Cowboy Artists of America catalog, 2010

Fritz White

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