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In May 1973, Fritz White traveled to Israel under the auspices of the Jewish Community Center of Denver. That decision was forged out of some three years of close relationship between Fritz and the Denver Center. He had joined the Center's Art Faculty in 1970 to head the sculpture department and to teach teenagers and adults drawing and sculpture. With support from the Center, he developed and headed a pilot project--in cooperation with the Denver Public Schools--teaching sculpture to blind grade-schoolers. The project attracted widespread attention.

"As I got into the program, and as I became aware of the tremendous interest in Israel, I became curious. The idea of Israel inserted itself into my consciousness to the point of occupying every creative cranny in my brain," said Fritz.

His curiosity caused him to study the history, the setbacks and the progress of the homeland in unusual depth. He conceived a collection of sculpture which would span the centuries: the earliest claiming of the land to the present. He saw in Israel a reprise of the experience of the American West: Pioneers carving a new spiritual and political community, but with a difference--the new Israel is seated on a foundation of tradition and history that is ever renewing, ever exciting.

"When the Center sent me to Israel, I thought I understood what Israel was all about. But when I got there, I discovered that I knew no more about what was happening on the 20th century frontier than a Victorian Englishman knew what was happening of the American frontier. Someone had to come back and forge together the people of Israel for the many, many people who will never experience Israel personally. That's what this collection is all about. It's the people of Israel from yesterday, today and tomorrow--because in the people is the spirit that makes Israel an original idea."

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The Israel Collection

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