Native American Sculpture by Fritz White
Alphabetical List of Native American sculpture by Fritz White.

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A Makah Whaler

A Wolf Among the Buffalo

Alone with the Night Hawk

An Eye on the Back Trail

Apache Sentinel

Beginning an Uneasy Partnership

Bobcat and Beaver, Strange Head Fellows

Buffalo Dancer

Buffalo Mask

Buffalo Spirit, Hear Your Children


Curly and Hawk

Dog Soldier

Double Jeopardy

Eagle Medicine

Escape from the Rimrock

From Mountain Stone, Man Created the Antelope

From the Ashes of Many Campfires

General Miles' Apache Scout

Hunter in the Night Sky

I, the Eagle

In the Land of Ermine

In the Spirit Dream


Man of the Ravens

Mandan Bonnett

Many Presents

Maricopa Woman

Navajo Magic

New Mother's Prayer

On the Mogollon Rim

Pride of the Sioux - The Wolf

Prisoner of the Willow


Sacred Smoke

Secrets of the Night

Sioux Society Bonnet

Song of the Wolf

Squaw's Calico

Stalking the Night Shadow

Sundown, Sundance

Taos Buck

Taos Wind

The Blanket Indian

The Cold Winds of Taos

The Crow and the Bear

The Fishers

The Goose Hunter

The Hawk Wing Fan

The Hidasta Brave

The Magic of the Great Bear

The Sacred Robe

The Sacred White Buffalo

The Signal

The Snowman

The Spirit of the Big Horn

The Thunderbirds

The Waterbird Woman

The Wolf Shaman

The Young Bull

When Ravens Gather (Kwakiutl)

When the Buffalo Are Gone

When We Danced as Gods

Wind River Warrior



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